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Yes folks all the original songs that play from this page are available for free download should you find any of them appealing or wish to add them to your music collection to play at leisure. All of them are actually written songs - with words - but only two of the tracks contain vocal parts at the moment. Perhaps your a singer who would like to collaborate on some project or add your own vocals to one of the tracks? :) If I dont get any takers I'll fill them up with guitar & repost them.

Simply right click a title and "save as" to download. Song Lyrics may be viewed Here

Chase the Dragon

Hand of the Common Man

Lost Youth (vocals)

Empty Palaces

911 Pure Dementia

New Rock

Social Statements (vocals)

One Year Away

Planetary Disco


All Instruments played by Scarecrow

Vocals performed by Esther Keyssecker


More tracks to follow


ScaReCRoW's Sounds



Click the player to stop or play music or to select tracks