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The Betrayal of Ken O'Keefe


I post this article with a very heavy heart. I have sat on this information for some months now, not really knowing how to deal with it, perhaps not wanting it to be true. I know there are many who will take offence to this article and also not wish it to be true, and many others who will likely feel as betrayed and disillusioned as I did once the reality of things sank in. I know there will also very likely be many who will attack me me for taking the position I am taking. I will however say to such people, that I do not post this with any malicious intent, indeed writing it and making this information public is probably one of the most uncomforable tasks I have ever had to perform however I choose do so now because I am an honest man and I feel that what I have written here needs to be brought out into the open for people to be able to decide for themsleves.

This will be my first and final word on this issue.




Ken O'Keefe's last words to me were of a threatening nature, if I ever dared to publicly voice my concerns...

"Goodbye, what I said in the report will be public the moment I hear one wiff of your bullshit from you or your friends."

He was referring to a 30 page 'subversion report' he had previously sent me in which he denied ever claiming the World Citizen contract would have any legal standing. A document which, at a glance, appeared he had worded as cleverly as possible to attempt to somehow shift blame on to me for the missions failure and divert attention away from the fraudulent nature of the world citizen fund raiser and subsequent land purchase in Dominica. I don't know, I never read it, as after a cursory glance at the first 3 pages, it became clear it was based on an erroneous foundation, ie: That I had pulled any need for any legal standing out of thin air, when the creation of a lawful social contract had in fact been the basic foundational premise underlying the entire World Citizen initiative.

Ken's entire 30 page "Subversion Report" can be downloaded here.

I don't respond well to threats...

Having spoken with the entire World Citizen team and also with Ken, there was no internal subversion that I can identify. The problem that I can see is that, after all his talk of people deserving to be paid for their work, and despite the fund raiser reaching virtually double its target (not to mention the great many undeclared donations picked up on his speaking tour), Ken quibbled over every cent paid out, leaving the entire team out of pocket, even several of them with outstanding credit card debts. They then unanimously decided to walk away from him at which point they all approached me with their concerns. I confronted Ken and basically let him know how pissed off I would be if this turned out to be a scam and after some heated words at Free Your Mind in Phili, I convinced the entire team to back down, wait it out and see what Ken had to offer. His response some weeks later was to accuse me of having 'initiated a mutiny' and send me a 30 page 'subversion report' he demanded I read and get back to him within 24 hours, even though I was on a tour of speaking dates. Obviously I didn't bother, though it now seems obvious that due to a lack of any public reaction from the original team he had betrayed (which I suspect he had planned to use to call subversion and publicly implode the mission) he now had to find a new scapegoat and so his most readily available choice was me.

From what I can see, the only effect the team walking out on him really had was the failure in completing a website, which can easily be accomplished by someone else. Ken hadn't even provided the web designer with all the information he needed to build the site, and later told me he had from the beginning, always intended to replace the original fundraiser team anyway. So how the team leaving the mission could have somehow undermined his efforts is also something of a glaring contradiction on his part.

Irrespective of any claims of 'subversion' however, Ken's fund raiser was highly successful. He controls all the funds, he now has all he needs to complete the mission, and there is absolutely nothing at all standing in his way. All that remains now is for him to deliver on his promise of producing "a legally sound social contract, a lawful means that will prevent people from being compelled to fund war." Those were his words and that is what was expected. Ken may deny saying those words but the fact remains that he did, as the entire team can quite readily confirm. And if he is indeed denying that fact, then perhaps one should ask, what then would have been anyone's motivation to begin with, in supporting an initiative to create a contract that was to have no legal or lawful standing? And why was a fund raiser even needed if there were no legal fees to be paid in the creation of a lawful contract?

Personally, due to a rational and sober observation and appraisal of his actions since the World Citizen fund raiser began, and of rather disturbing emails he had sent to others, it would very much appear that Ken set this 'mission' up to fail from the start and had, from the very beginning, intended to bring about a situation where he could call 'subversion' and simply walk away with the money to fund his land project in Dominica. He has after all made it very clear in most of his recent talks that if this one 'fails' he will retire... Personally I think it was created specifically to fail so he could purchase land in Dominica and do exactly that... Retire.

It is also now very apparent that Ken's denial of entry into Australia was also an orchestrated publicity stunt on his behalf. He was only denied entry because, knowing full well it would take 2 weeks to approve, he did not apply for an entry visa until being stopped at the gate in Malaysia for not having one when attempting to board his final flight to Australia. This was a blatant, deliberate and premeditated act, and not only that, but he allowed the organizers of his Australian tour to pay for his flights to Australia so he could stage it, leaving them to bear the cost, while never for a moment actually intending to enter the country or use the return flight to London that had been paid for. Again, Ken knew full well he was required to apply for an entry visa at least 2 weeks in advance and had been well informed of that fact for at least 2 months prior to his flight yet he failed to apply for one. His episode with the TSA in LA was also an obvious publicity stunt as there was no reason at all for him to stop in LAX on his way to Mexico City other than to create a scene in order to post an altercation video with the TSA to youtube as a means of garnering further support for his fund raiser.

My suspicions had first been aroused due to his evasive demeanour earlier in the year at Acapulcho. During our time there I had questioned him on the progress of WCS and he told me he had sepent $4000 on legals and received advice that there was no way to set up a contract that would provide a legal means of with holding funding from Government, regardless of whether or not that Government used the funds for war. I asked him if such was the case, what was the fund raiser for and did he intend to return the funds as promised? At which point he became annoyed, short tempered and evasive. He basically made himself unavailable to everyone from that point, for the entire 5 days we were in Mexico, even though many had flown from as far as Europe and Australia at his request to liase with him on the World Citizen initiative. One woman he had flown in personally to assist did not even lay eyes on him for 2 days after her arrival.

Below is a copy of the correspondence that first caused me to seriously question Ken's actions. Once I did question him at all, it was all downhill from there, eventually degrading to the point where I was accused of 'instigating a mutiny" even though it was his team who had first approached me with their concerns at him not keeping his word regarding payment to them along with the many other concerns they were having with his lack of transparency and undue focus on money.

It would seem that all that is required to completely 'subvert' and undermine one of Ken's world changing missions is to ask questions, hope for honest replies or expect any promises to be honored.


Kens email:

Aloha D___,

        I have a huge deal I need to make happen and fast, I have cc’d Peter C  on this as it involves him.  I was getting a loan from Peter to buy land in the Caribbean with the land as security but for reasons not worth mentioning here we have decided to use my silver as security for this loan.  I am praying at this point that there is a way we can do this safely, smoothly and quickly so that I am protected and Peter is protected and the land purchase is made this week.  Effectively I want Peter to be a lien holder on $58,000 worth of my silver, the terms are I must pay the $58,000 back within one year and if not he can take possession of the silver or we would have to work out an extension if Peter was willing.  I am not concerned at all about repayment of the loan, in fact I plan to repay it within less than 6 months, but a year term gives me the sensible amount of leeway should I need it.

        Brother can you help me make this happen and fast?  I am sorry for the rush but as implied earlier we had planned to do this another way and a change was made very late and now I am rushed to do this or my land purchase is in jeopardy.  So I really hope you can come back with a positive answer.  I would love to get a call from you on this so there will be no delay, my number here in California is _______, so please call me anytime.

        Also, I had not told you but the shipment of 300 ounces to me was incorrect, only 40 ounces were the TJP coins, the other 260 ounces were two different Chris Duane coins.  So this is no worries, we have kept the 40 TJP ounces, and I will send back to you there rest.  Just confirm the right address please.

        Hope we can make this happen, but one way or the other I really need to use this silver as security for the loan.



Peter C's response:

Hi Ken,

    There are some issues we need to discuss.  I've been stalling broaching these matters with you until I had more clarity, and wasn't just speaking hollow words.  Basically, I didn't want to trouble you with these matters unless I was damn sure. 

    I'm damn sure. 

  The issues we need to discuss relate to your new friend, who I'm damn sure is a plant, and the extreme likelihood that you've been compromised already. 

    I've thought about this for quite some time, but it first came to mind the night after meeting Sophie in Acapulco.  The fact that you mentioned the possibility of her being a honeypot was recalled as something of significance later that night when I lay awake early in the morning reviewing the previous day's events.   I strongly suspected it then, but kept it to myself simply to see if time would create further clarity and alter my perceptions.  They haven't changed significantly. 

    I could go through the process I went through that made me arrive at this understanding, but I know it would be a waste of time trying to convince you.  It's like trying to convince our own wives about our deepest held beliefs, if they can't, or won't see it, then they will never understand. 

    The next concern I have is about this block on Dominica.  I warned about getting too emotionally attached to things in previous discussions, but you reiterated your love of the place, and how things would be all wonderful if you could only get there. 

    My greatest concern is for your welfare.  Looking at Dominica, it's sufficiently isolated and remote that your security is wide open.  As a Seal, you know that, I'm sure, but I get the impression that you've let your emotions do the thinking instead of your head. 

    Then, let's say you reject all that, and say I just want to do what I want to do, and I'll take responsibility for whatever happens.  I'd say that's fine, except you've got responsibilities to the world, not just yourself.  Think of Palestine.  Think of the decent citizens all over the world who have been inspired by your courage and integrity.  Are you willing to sacrifice all that for some superficial and transitory pleasure?  Both the lady and the land will be forgotten in time, but you have the chance to do something that will last forever.  And you have the attention of thousands, if not millions around the planet who are all wanting to help.  Don't fuck that up.

    I have no idea what spell Sophie has cast on you, but I can only hope you can escape before it's too late.  At this point I should point out how much I love who you are, and care about the legacy you will leave behind.  Be the man I know you are, and sacrifice your weaknesses for the benefit of all of us mate.  We're counting on you to help lead us to be the best we can be too.

    I know this has been messy, and I apologise for that, but I'm not so weak that I can't allow myself to look less than perfect.  I'm human, and that means I err.  By making errors though, we give others the opportunity to forgive us, and that is an expression of divinity.

    Stay focused on the mission until the objective is gained.  Don't slack off until then.

    Love, Understanding, Peace.



Ken's response to Peter C:

As far as I am concerned Peter you are a most dishonourable man, pathetically so, you have fucked me big time and have the nerve to claim to care about me.  You are just like all the poor souls in this world whose word is shite, no integrity, no honour, no dignity.  When our word becomes as fluid as yours, we have little chance of creating a better world. 

Aside from that, fuck you for what you have said about Sophia, you are so clueless and grasping for bullshit to cover your own dishonour you slander someone you do not even know.  This is consistent with the man I now know you to be. 

I shall count you among those who have seriously betrayed me, and if I lose this land you can soak that shit up.  It has become a bit of a saying for me, and it fits in this moment with regard to you, seriously you can go fuck yourself.  This is the best phrase to use with a shadow of a man like yourself. 

TJ fucking P my brother



Ken can claim 'subversion' all he likes, the way he has done with every one of his previous 4 or 5 or however many 'failed' fund raisers. He can cherry pick our discussions, read whatever he likes into my radio shows, post private chats, and rework and distort the perspective however he desires; he can weave the topics and attempt to shift focus from the missing funds by defaming me and attempting to point blame at me to his heart's content. He is very good with words and certainly extremely adept at NLP, but at the end of the day, I am just doing what I have always done. I had nothing to do with his mission other than attend the initial meeting at the request of the team. I have made no promises and conducted no fund raisers. When concerns were raised and his actions became spurious, all I asked from Ken was the transparency he promised and guaranteed, and for him to hold true to his word. His response was to threaten me, discard me like a used penny, attempt to use me as a scapegoat to cover his fraudulent actions and misdirect attention away from his newly acquired tropical paradise. Well, he now has all the money he needs, he has sole access to all funds collected, and there is nothing whatsoever standing in the way or preventing him from completing the 'mission'. All he needs do now is deliver a legally sound social contract, a lawful means of preventing people from being compelled to fund war, as he promised to all those who supported him and funded the World Citizen initiative. But he won't, because he can't, and, I believe, because it was never his intention to do so. He may produce some document and attempt to sell it to people to bolster his bank account further, no doubt he is working on one even now, because people are going to want something. But it will have no lawful value in the real world and will serve to provide freedom to no-one. That is why he is not spending any funds on legal advice or the creation of a lawful contract. He is already in Dominica on his newly acquired land... and if it hasn't yet been paid for or the deal not yet been finalized, you can bet it's well on the way. Why Dominica? Because Dominica has no extradition treaties. When one is committing fraud, such locations become attractive.

On a personal note. I believed in Ken O'Keefe. I believed him to be a man of integrity and a genuine friend. Now however, I believe I was simply a useful tool for him to use in his fund raising and retirement ventures. And I do not blame his new girlfriend Sophia for his actions, I believe him to have had it planned this way from the very start. Having spent so much time in his company, I should have seen it from the beginning and paid attention to the many red flags. Perhaps I did, but just didn't want to admit to myself that it was true. But unfortunately, it is true. On the ground, in the real world, Ken is a very, very different individual to the caring, thoughtful and compassionate man that is portrayed to the people on youtube. In this past year he has demonstrated himself to me to be little more than an arrogant, conceited, self-serving fraud. A liar and a deceiver who is able to switch moods instantaneously when new people enter the conversation. From my experience in witnessing his dealings with other people, including his own family, he has a purely financial motivation in all his actions and little or no regard for anyone other than himself. To be quite honest, I have lost any and all respect I may have once had for him and have very truthfully never felt more betrayed by anyone.

Ken O'Keefe is a very clever and extremely charismatic man. He is a great talker and he knows how to tell people exactly what they want to hear, so who knows, maybe he will get away with it - yet again. But from my own personal experience, Ken O'Keefe is a textbook sociopath - or possibly even worse. For all his talk of being such a threat to the ruling psychopaths and putting his life on the line for humanity, he is not, he is more of an asset. In his testosterone charged public appearances he simply tells people what they want to hear and takes their anger for them like another controlled release valve. The only risk to life that Ken actually faces is possibly from one of the many people he has taken money from via fraudulent means, hollow words and empty promises.

We live and we learn, and what does't kill us makes us stronger - or so they say.

However the cards may now fall, I would like it a matter of public record that from this day forth I no longer trust or support Ken O'Keefe in any way, in any shape, or in any form, and I rescind any and all previous support I have ever shown for him. He is a pathological parasite who preys upon the hopes and desperation of others. I want nothing whatsoever to do with him. And though, like many others, I will continue forward on my mission to help make this world a better place, it will be a very long time before I am able to bring myself to trust another human being. ...but then who knows? Perhaps that was all part of the plan too.


~ Max Igan

August 19th, 2016


The website below has been built by the original World Citizens Solutions Team in order to express their concerns and opinions and present their version of things to the WCS contributors.


Peaceful And Lawful



My Final word on this expose and the accusations I am receiving from some people due to the stance I have taken

The bottom line is that Ken has not been truthful or honorable in his actions. And over the years he has quietly aligned himself with all the most prominent names he could.. Vetrans Today, all the big alt media people, significant authors, even PressTV and RT.. and with WC, he was setting up a pyramid scheme that would have potentially funnelled millions into his own account, and by the time the fraud was discovered he would be safe in Dominica and everyone who had ever associated with him, or supported him, would have been painted with the same brush - guilt by association.

I have always liked Ken. He was my friend and I have vehemently defended him to others, but this scam had the potential to bring down and discredit the entire independent media and potentially make Ken millions in the process. At that point the Lame Stream Media would have a field day with it, and that would completely end the resistance. So you can think and say whatever you like about me, and Ken can weave and twist the saga any way he sees fit. But that is what I saw and so I called it. If Im wrong, then no doubt Ken will produce his lawful document for you any day now, because he has all the funds he needs to do it - and I will happily eat humble pie..

Ken has now said he will address these issues. So let's all see what happens.