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Each edition of Surviving The Matrix is accompanied by a YouTube video presentation which may be viewed by visiting each respective page. Most radio broadcasts are also available from each page as mp3 podcasts.

Due to time restraints, earlier shows are labeled purely by the date of the original broadcast, ie: the May 6, 2011 edition is labeled as 050611.mp3, however due to numerous requests, latter shows are more appropriately labeled and are available both from each respective page, and directly from this page by clicking the podcast link.
Simply click to play, or right click and "save as" to download.

This page also contains links to Seminars, Speaking events,
Television appearances and Video logs that were not necessarilly radio.
Such links are marked with a yellow asterix *

Each respective year of radio shows, interviews and seminars can now be downloaded as a single file from this link


Fireworks, Smokescreens and the Coming Smart Prison - AVR - 01/19/18 - Podcast
* Russia Warns Against Possible Collapse of Iran Nuclear Deal - PressTV - 01/18/18
Max Igan on The World You Dont Know - Liffeysound FM - 01/15/18 - Podcast
The Smart Grid - Max Igan & James Bartley - The Cosmic Switchboard Show - 01/06/18
The Basic Truth Most People Won't Admit - AVR - 01/12/18 - Podcast
* AI, 5G & CryptoCurrencies - Max Igan Interviewed by Paul Seils - 01/08/18
Max Igan - Can You Handle The Truth? - Lords of Consciousness - 01/09/18
How The Smart Grid Will Be Used To Erase Your Identity & Blacklist You In Your Community - Richie Allen Show - 01/08/18
How We Are Controlled And Why Most People Can't See It - AVR - 01/05/18 - Podcast
Max Igan - All We Have To Do Is Stand Up And Their Little Game Is Over - Veritas Radio - 01/04/18